Guest Brands

We know that you don’t wear Peter Werth from head-to-toe (perhaps you do?), so we’ve added a well-chosen selection of top notch, guest brands, accessories and gift ideas to complement our seasonal styles. We hope you like what we’ve picked out on your behalf.

Ellesse Italia

A limited-edition collection of tailored Italian sportswear, Ellesse Italia is the perfect blend of sports style, flair, form and function. For more of a ‘sports luxe’ look this season, Ellesse Italia is the perfect complement to our Autumn collection of contemporary menswear classics.

Yogi Footwear

Yogi footwear can trace its roots back to the mid-1990s, when The Duffer Of St George launched Portuguese and Spanish-made negative heel, asymmetric and centre-seamed shoes. Hand made in Portugal, at a specialist moccasin factory, Yogi’s functional and durable styles deliver authenticity and comfort in equal measure.

Accessories Projects

If you’re looking for gift ideas for others in the build up to Christmas, or a little something for yourself, Peter Werth’s well-considered guest accessories, bags and books should have something that fits the bill.