Founded in Islington, 1975

Our Story

Born in Islington, North London in 1975 Peter Werth has now been part of the British menswear landscape for 40 years and has become synonymous with great British design, high quality contemporary clothing, footwear and accessories.

From its foundations in knitwear during the early days and inspired by the sharper, more formal working class style tribes from the 1970s, the Peter Werth collection has evolved through outerwear, shirting, blazers and fine jerseywear into shoes, accessories and tailoring, all the time maintaining its signature of effortless style.

During the mid ‘70s Peter Werth was appropriated by the Perry Boys - a style tribe named after their affection for the Fred Perry shirts they wore in the Summer. During the Winter the knitwear of choice for these same lads was our long-sleeved knitted polo shirts.

The original burgundy striped knitted polo shirt has become an iconic early expression of the terrace ‘casual’ look, particularly when they were worn with Adidas Stan Smith trainers and burgundy Lois jeans or cords. Never outlandish or loud, the look was always delivered with a sense of authority and understated style.

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