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A Guide to Men's Footwear

A man should care about his footwear for no other reason than the fact it constitutes the very foundation he stands upon. In this article, we will give you a brief overview of a man's options when it comes to footwear and what to wear them with. Quality footwear, that fits well, is a worthy investment, and the right shoes for the right situation can substantially elevate your personal style and comfort.


Derby shoes

A timeless classic, Derby shoes make excellent dress shoes with their sleek appearance, but also work well with more casual attire. Their open lacing system gives them a slightly more relaxed appearance than other dress shoes, such as Oxfords, as the lace eyelets are left loose. A premium quality pair will serve you well throughout the seasons, as they’re comfortable and will keep feet dry.

You can find leather or suede Derby’s in either classic black or brown tones - for the more adventurous, there are navy, grey or pastel colours. Two-tone Derby shoes are also an option, they’re a bold choice that will make your outfit stand out when paired with the right clothes and accessories.


What outfits go well with Derby shoes?

A laidback look with a little polish can easily be achieved with a pair of derbies. Match with black skinny jeans or chinos.

Colour and material should depend on weather and location. For a more outdoorsy event leather is a safe bet, but feel free to explore lighter shades and suede options if you can keep them away from rain and dirt.

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Monk strap shoes

Monk strap shoes fall into the category in-between dress shoes and loafers. It’s a hybrid shoe has adorned the feet of men for centuries. This shoe was originally designed for European holy men, who needed an alternative to their open-toed sandals. After losing some popularity when laced shoes became preferred over straps and buckles, they regained a following during the 20th and 21st centuries.

In present day Britain, the Monk Strap is favoured by fashion-forward men, despite its traditional roots. The classic Monk Strap has a smooth appearance with minimal stitching, and while a single strap is preferred for the most formal of occasions, double or even triple straps are also popular. These shoes are a great addition to a gentleman’s winter wardrobe as they are more secure than slip-on styles, like loafers, and have a thick rubber sole.


What outfits go well with Monk strap shoes?

For a formal affair, wear dark twill trousers with a single or double-breasted blazer and premium leather Monk straps. To inject a little extra personality to your look, opt for a blazer with a subtle textured pattern, and a crisp, white long-sleeved Oxford shirt worn underneath.

These shoes are best suited to traditional tailoring. If your trousers have a crease, ensure it runs directly down the centre of the trouser leg. Wool mix trousers will provide warmth during the winter months and prevent the wrinkling over time that happens with lighter materials such as linen.

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Brogue shoes

The original design for brogue shoes was created in Ireland, tailored for working men. But they’ve evolved over the years to become a shoe that’s perfect for both formal and casual occasions. Their most common features include wing tips and decorative perforations on the sides and toe cap. While these perforations helped to drain water off the shoes of workers walking across wet terrain, they have remained for more aesthetic reasons.

Generally, more formal brogues have less perforations, with the most intricate patterns found on casual variations of the shoe. Most brogues are made from calf leather or synthetic material, but you’ll frequently find them in suede too.

Their history as a blue collar shoe means they lend well to winter wear. A premium leather pair are an excellent investment that’ll withstand wet and windy weather and last for many seasons to come.


What outfits go well with Brogue shoes?

Brogues are a smart and sophisticated option when worn with a formal suit, however they also make a great addition to a more dressed down vibe. Wear a printed short sleeved shirt, with dark straight leg jeans and black leather brogues. Feel free to choose a pair with an interesting perforated pattern on both the sides and the toe cap of the shoe. They’ll help give your outfit a polished look, without being out of place.

This outfit is ideal for afternoon-to-evening occasions, as it’s simple enough for daytime wear, but is still appropriate for an evening meal in a restaurant or for drinks with friends. Don’t forget to take a jacket during cooler weather, a mixed linen blazer or pea coat will give your outfit a contemporary finish. You can always opt for a water resistant mac on an extra rainy day.

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If none of these styles take your fancy, we have plenty of other options in our full footwear collection. You can browse and shop them here.


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