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This month at Peter Werth, we have decided to raise awareness for the charity Movember, an organisation dedicated to increasing knowledge and education on prostate cancer and testicular cancer in men. The charity has become increasingly popular over the years, with campaigns aiming to help raise money for these cancers, as well as growing an awareness and understanding of men's mental health.

To participate in the Movember project, individuals do a variety of events and challenges to raise money for this charity, the most common being, growing a moustache throughout November. This challenge aims to raise money and awareness as well as encourage men to get support for potential mental health conditions and physical health issues that they may be suffering with.

Men's Health

The charity Movember have funded many men's health projects over many years, giving individuals information on prostate cancer and testicular cancer to educate them. Then, people can take the right action to have the right tests to prevent issues from arising and maintain men's health.

Another area that the charity supports, as well as men's mental health and cancer is suicide prevention. The campaigns that have been made into a variety of events across the world raise awareness and understanding of this, removing the stigma and allowing men to talk about their thoughts and feelings.


Many lives have been changed due to Movember. Many have raised funds in many different ways to raise money for the charity. Some examples of fundraising are:

  • Grow a moustache throughout November
  • Move for Movember
  • Host a Mo-ment
  • Mo your own way

So, to help this campaign, join an event and you can help to support this charity!

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